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Superior performance... like on wheels!
Management software and point of sales for Video Club
 Hundreds of clients already use Video Vision 
 every day in these regions of the world
Canada - France - Switzerland
Martinique - Guadeloupe - Haïti
French Polynesia - New Caledonia
Video Vision (from Ultra)
offers far much more than a simple movie rental/return software

Bonus Points Management
Powerful Reservation system
Several essential Statistical Reports
Permanent inventory on Products in stock
Accounts Receivable system with aging report
Rental prices grid by Category or by Rentals Order
Detailed follow-up on late dues and partial payments
...And much much more...!

Custom made software since more than 30 years!
Created in 1979, Programmation Ultra begin with micro-computers software for businesses.
Our Softwares rapidly gain a solid reputation of reliability and great ease of use.
 o Hospitals environment  o Manufacturers
 o Insurance Brokers  o Wholesalers - Distributors - Resellers
 o Congress organisation for
      companies special events
 o Retailers
 o Video Clubs

Furthermore, we had the chance to grow in the path of several successful companies that went from small entrepreneurs to quite large corporations. We began with them right at the beginning. Following their rapid grow regarding their increasing software needs was quite a challenge that we enjoyed a lot.

Most of the time, the softwares are custom build for special needs covering the customers and inventory management, the invoicing, the accounts receivables with a General Ledger and many financial reports. Later, we often add the salesmen commission management and several performance and other statistical reports.

Why "custom made"?
Many reasons are imposing themself to some corporations.

« Following the sudden departure of our programmer, we hired Programmation Ultra to take over the huge amount of codes cumulated in several programs built since 15 years. Over the last two years, they filled all our needs in custom softwares. I can also certify that the integration of the new programs and the repair of many unusual behaviors (bugs) with the previous programs were very complex tasks that only a passionnate, meticulous and experimented programmer could complete with great success. A special thanks to Réal for his professionalism.

I recommend your services to anyone who search for quality programs or programmers. »
Benoit Provost, CGA
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"We could evoke many other reasons to justify custom made programs in a company. The very fact that a generalised vertical software answer the need of the majority of the commerces with the hope to get an improved version the next year (without knowing if these changes are the ones you need) can be enough to decide for a move toward custom programs with all the flexibility that it brings with it.

Although, it is essential that the programmer-analyst has all the experience and the imagination required to solve any irregularity or particular situations in the corporation. It is important to also realize that a programmer with no experience will ask for a much lower rate and will execute the code you will ask him/her to do... with the experience he/she has. Be prepared to explain every little details of your needs (computer softwares do not function with so and so...) and expect many logic errors in the program that you though evident but that an inexperienced programmer do no know by lack of it.

An experimented programmer-analyst offers, in most situations, several ways to solve problems. He can also suggest alternate solutions of great values.
In short, he rapidly becomes an accomplice of your success."

Réal Philippon,
Programmation Ultra Ltd

Programmation Ultra Ltd, Laval, Quebec, Canada
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